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We warmly welcome your dog to our dog friendly home whether staying self catering or bed and breakfast at a fee of £5 a night.You are welcome to bring all your dogs-we have no limit on size or number

 Monza our 5 year old  Retriever in the Meadow. He has the same enthusiastic greeting for all doggie guests and will love to hare round the meadow with your dogs or just sit quietly in the courtyard sharing doggie tales 


For visiting dogs we provide                                                                    2acres of fenced land                                                                             Fridges in each room                                                                               A dog hose for showering                                                                    Warm soapy water for the more delicate                                               A laundry room to dry wet dog towels from beach swims             Spacious guest rooms with loads of room for dog beds                           A laundry room sink for washing dog bowls                                             A dog friendly beaches guide                                                            Tailored advice on best dog walks to suit age and fitness of dog            An enclosed garden surrounding our breakfast chalet for sunny days and dogs are welcome on their leads in the chalet on rainy days.


Guest dogs comments (written by paw in The Visitors Book,honest!)

"I have really enjoyed hiking up every hill and fording every stream within a 10 mile radius to make my holiday really special -although I would much rather have stayed with that handsome Morgan"                                                                  

  " A woof and a lick from Jess for making dogs so welcome"                              "Even Amber,the Border Terrier has chilled out"                                              "Molly has even had a holiday romance-we approve of her taste Morgan is gorgeous"                                                                                                        "Tich thinks this is the perfect life for a fat dog"                                        "Morgan is fantastic and has made this place and our holiday even more special.Phoebe and Monica fell in love with him straight away"                                                                                                                   "Elisa and Mitts both fell in love with Morgan.We all had a very good time"

 Morgan who was such a big part of our life here (pictured here looking very regal sat in our wild flower meadow) has sadly passed away but will always be here in spirit