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As an Ambassador of CoaST (that's The Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project) we make conscious choices in our way of business and life style to minimise any negative impact on the environment and wherever possible create a positive effect.


A 3.9 KW photovoltaic panel provides for The Hen House energy needs. As any spare is passed on to the grid we still aim to conserve energy and therefore use low energy light bulbs,line dry washing, have thoroughly insulated all roofs,put thermostats on all radiators and towel rails and use combination boilers for instant hot water.     We use three wood burning stoves to supplement oil usage and have a small diesel car giving 80 m.p.g which will take bio-diesel.                      Timers are fitted to outside lights but most are solar powered  

Our ethos in life is to be as natural as possible so our rooms are furnished with pure white cotton bed linen,cotton curtains and wool rich carpets even down to the wool underlay.Old farm windows were replaced with wood rather than plastic.  

To conserve water we harvest rainwater for garden / allotment watering and  to top up the pond. There are even water buts on the sheds to harvest rainwater for the ducks and chickens.We have hippo bags in all the loos and water restrictors to aerate the water on showers .   

We let guests decide when they would like their towels laundered rather than wash them on a daily basis(few folks do so at home).Our "A" rated dishwasher is used on eco-setting only once a day and we still use a domestic washing machine as the water and electricity usage is proportionatley less than with a commercial one                     We offer a £10 per night discount for B & B guests who stayfor more than 3 nights - a reward to guests who share our concerns on water conservation and quantity ofdetergents (eco-friendly though they are) going into the environment

To protect the environment all our cleaning products are phosphate free and even our freezer bags and waste bin liners are bio-degradable plastic.

We re-cycle all paper,glass,cans,card and plastics and compost kitchen waste and garden rubbish for use on the allotment .We are a "portion free" household choosing to serve butter and preserves in pots than add to the mountain of waste packaging.In our guest rooms you will find soap and shower gel in dispensers to avoid waste packaging and tea and coffee supplies in small cannisters.

We have a wonderful wild flower meadow free from all chemicals and pesticides which encourages many species of insect and bird life.There are thousands of Ox-Eye Daisies & Fox gloves,purple Sawwort,Cowslips,magenta pink Whistling Jacks,Vipers Bugloss,Cut Leaved Cranesbill and Herb Robert.Here you will find 10 varieties of Cornish apple trees used for the village cider making


We will always encourage visitors to stay local and give masses of information on local places to visits and local pubs and restaurants both in our welcome talk and room information packs.                                                                                       Ordnance survey maps and public transport guides are available to borrow.The National coach service drops in Helston and there is a connecting bus service (with cycle rack)that connects to the train service to Redruth ,and we can offer a pick up service from Helston

 An access statement is available on request-please ask and we will e.mail

  The Hen House has a Gold Award from The Green Tourism Business Scheme given back in Spring 2006, one of the first in Cornwall. The scheme looks at management of waste,energy and water,preservation of the natural environment,local purchasing ,green transport,marketing and communication