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Gary and Sandy were trained by Raymond Towers of Dayan Arts and ran two classes in Reading and Pangbourne for a period of 3 years before they moved to THe Hen House.Our training included Wild Goose Chi Kung, Sun Style, Mantak Chia Tai-chi Chi-Gung,Zen Dragon,I-Chuan Fifteen form, Wu Style short form,Bagua Lung Pei,Hsing-yi Chuan 5 element

At The Hen House, tai-chi is taught as a health art in a relaxed informal workshop -in fine weather at the top of our wild flowere meadow with stunning views out to The Roseland Peninsula across the estuaries of the Fal and Helford rivers where sail boats glide the waters.The style taught depends on the length of your holiday with us and is complimentary whether staying in the B & B rooms or self catering barn.

Healing therapies are available in our Serpentine Sanctuary which is set deep into the earth-a very special healing space at a charge of £40 a session.

Sandy is a qualified reflexologist trained by The International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies. Reflexology is a gentle healing massage of the feet where specific pressure points are stimulated to relieve stress,assist the body's circulation and balance the body

Both Gary and Sandy are trained in the Usui technique of Reiki healing.This art re-awakens and elevates the body's energy as the healer places their hands above and sometimes on particular points of the body and acts as a conduit for The universal power of the earth's energy to pass into the body