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Nestled in a timeless leafy hamlet amongst lush rolling fields at the top of the Porthallow valley you will find  The Hen House, just a mile from the sea .  A tranquil oasis of peace,relaxation and bird song set in two acres of grounds                                                                                                   

 All rooms open onto the central courtyard patio with relaxed seating at a central teak table of in the honeysuckle arbour.Here is a good place to relax and share travellers tales.           

Our wild flower meadow is a myriad of species and in flower for 7 months of the year.The first swathe is ox-eye daisies sprinkled with bluebells,cowslips and whistling jack.Vipers bugloss and evening primrose put in an appearance along with orchids. Then the colours move to purples with tufted vetch and saw wort.There are hundreds of insects,bees and butterflies after the pollen from the flower heads.The meadow is cut and used for animal fodder   

 Our wild life pond edged with papyrus grass and arum lilies has fine sea views out to The Roseland peninsula and Falmouth bay.It is home to the Hen House brood of ducks. 3 Aylesburys(Jemima,Arthur & Amelia) and 2 Khaki Campells(Quackers and Charlie)

We grow as much food at The Hen House as we can fit around our working days.The polytunnel supplies salad leaves,radishes, chillies,hundreds of sweet tiny  tomatoes for breakfast, courgettes and cucumbers with beans and peas in the winter. The allotment beds provide carrots, beetroot, spinach,strawberries, raspberries, garlic,onions, leeks, kale and asparagus peas           Our 11 apple trees are local Cornish varieties such as Plympton Pippin,Cornish Mother and Cornish Aromatic  which fruit from August until November and provide for cider, wines,jams, chutneys,cakes for guest arrivals and stewed as a compote with ginger or sultanas for guest breakfasts.

 Sandy completed a Permaculture design course at Plan-It-Earth back in 2010 which has made us look carefully at the way we use the land. Gary completed a 26 week one day course on Organic Fruit and Vegetable growing based at the nearby National Trust gardens of Trengwainton in the winter and spring of 2011


 At the end of a long days exploration of this magical peninsula and a superb meal in one of the many local eateries then relax around the chiminea central to the courtyard garden and share tales with other guests.                       The star scapes are incredible owing to the absence of all artificial light with the milky way clearly visible.                            Satellites can be picked out passing over head and in the Autumn months a plethora of shooting stars.

 Our wild flower meadow is as stunning at night to lay on the loungers and marvel at the stars as it is the day with its abundance of wild flowers