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The stunning scenery has made this area a popular place for film and television series almost since the industry began. The most recent programme to hit TV with our local breath-taking scenery is Poldark.The ship wreck scenes were filmed at Gunwalloe and our Poldark filming list will provide day trips location spotting             Caroline Quentin who lives just a mile from us has been filming Caroline Quentins Cornwall in and around the Helford river . Last year Brad Pitt had been filming in Falmouth but stayed with his crew in a local Helston hotel.The nets for Gladiator were made by a fishing net maker in Porthlevan who had a suprise visit from Russell Crowe.                                                                                                                Monty Halls filmed his last series based on life as a Cornish fisherman in Cadgwith.We featured on the Christmas lights footage and Gary appeared gig rowing                                                                                                               Doc Martin scenes are not always shot in Port Isaac.A funeral was recently filmed at Gunwalloe church but Gary was not short listed and an extra(too young apparently!!)

Famous residents include Jenny Agutter,Rodney Bews,and Caroline Quentin. From the music industry we have Pete Townsend & Tim Rice .Johhny Depp had also been looking for a hide-away in the Helford area

Daphne Du Maurier lived for a short while at the head of Frenchmans Creek-a perfect place to write in peace and quiet.Visit the creek (good circular walks) and the
Manderley of Rebeca fame,set on the top of the cliffs
Ladies in Lavender was filmed in 2004 in Cadgwith over the course of several weeks whilst the vgillage was transformed into the 1940's with many local serving as extras and featuring many local buildings

Rosamunde Pilcher was born in Lelant and many of her novels were set in this area with subsequent films being made in the Cornwall she loves. The Shell Seekers, Nancherrow,Another View,Toby and Carousel were all filmed here with scenes from Amazing Grace and a Secret To Tell being shot on The Lizard Peninsula at Mullion Cove and Porthlevan. Mini series were made for the German market based on these films which again were shot in local places

In the distant past The Thief of Baghdad (1949) was set in Gunwalloe,The Island of Adventures (1981) was filmed in Mullion Cove, and A Distant Scream(1983) was filmed by The Hammer House of Horrors in Kynance Cove and Mullion harbour.      The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1986) was filmed in Kynance and Cadgwith and Church Cove was used as a location for Wycliffe between 1994 and 1998.More recently Vinnie Jones appeared in Porthlevan filming of Guns,Money and Home Cooking